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Game by Mario von Rickenbach

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Rakete is a cooperative multiplayer game for up to 5 players. Each player controls one thruster of a rocket with the goal to land it safely on the landing pad. The game is also playable by a single player who controls all thrusters, but you only get the full experience when playing as a team. Let the insanity commence!

You can play the game above with your iOS or Android devices as a controllers. To do this, download the Brass Monkey app here and connect to the same WiFi like the computer running the game. Once you start the app, it should automatically connect to the game above. You'll need at least two players to play.


Inspired by an airplane simulator experiment, where all passengers (from which none is a pilot) sucessfully land their plane by democratic voting what the pilot should do, I tried to take that principle to make a small and fun cooperative game about controlling a rocket by letting each player activate a single thruster. While the game is playable alone, it is recommended to play it installed with five independent buttons, so the team must work together to reach the goal. It was interesting to see how good a well organized team can control the rocket!

The initial prototype has been made for the Five Button Competition, which was presented at the Stattmedia Game Contest in Berlin. Out of 48 submitted games for the contest, Rakete won the public voting as well as the jury voting.

Photo 1 & 2 by Pete Angstadt

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