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Game by Mario von Rickenbach

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Straight, No Chaser

Play this two player arcade game together with a friend! The first player who reacts after the countdown gets a trail. Move straight with the trail to score. The other player can steal the trail by catching the player who has it. The player without the trail gets a speed boost by moving in the same (parallel) direction like his opponent.

Update: I received the feedback that it is not clear who gets the trail at the start. It's the first player who moves after the countdown finishes who gets the trail. If you try to move before the countdown finishes, the other one will get the trail. If both players move before the countdown finishes, it randomly chooses the player who gets the trail. I will improve the ingame-feedback of this issue in the next update.


While this flash version on this page only supports keyboard input, the downloadable version also supports joysticks (preferably old-school 8-way joysticks like Competition Pro USB or similar). Play it with joysticks for the best arcade experience!